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For six-months, August 17 through February 17, the City of Centennial and the Denver South Transportation Management Association offered free Lyft Line rides to and from the Dry Creek Station to people who lived or worked within the existing RTD Call-n-Ride service area. Lyft Line rides were available free of charge Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Go Centennial was accessible through the Citizen Response Center, Go Denver and Lyft mobile applications.

The Go Centennial pilot program covered most of the RTD’s Dry Creek Call-n-Ride service area. The service area stretched west from I-25 to S. Quebec St. between E. Arapahoe Rd. and E. Dry Creek Rd. and from I-25 to Holly St. between E. Dry Creek Rd. and E. County Line Rd.

Rides must have traveled TO or FROM the Dry Creek Light Rail Station.

The Go Centennial pilot program was completed on February 17, 2017. Feel free to submit questions or comments in the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you to all who participated!


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Pilot Program Overview

Go ‍‍‍Centennial Service Details

Access Program Overview

Throughout the duration of the Pilot Program, Go Centennial Access connected people with limited mobility to free rides from any point within the Centennial, Colorado Dry Creek RTD Call-n-Ride service area. These rides were provided by Via through the Citizen Response Center and the Lyft mobile application with funding from the City of Centennial and the Denver South Transportation Management Association.

Go Centennial Access Service Details


The Go Centennial pilot was a public-private partnership between the City of Centennial, CH2M, the Denver South Transportation Management Association (DSTMA)/Southeast Public Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD), Lyft, Via Mobility Services (Via) and Xerox (Conduent) to address the first and last mile problem – how to get travelers to and/or from transit stations. This model applied an on-demand, demand-responsive mobile platform to provide efficient transportation connections to and from the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Dry Creek Light Rail Station in Centennial, Colorado.

Go Centennial provided a streamlined, intuitive approach to travel for residents, workers and visitors in Centennial. Travelers used the Go Denver App, powered by Xerox, to book a free first or last mile trip to or from the Dry Creek Light Rail Station. The Go Denver App communicated directly with the Lyft App to ensure a car was ordered to the origin and destination as specified by the user.

Via Mobility Services, a private non-profit organization headquartered in Boulder, Colorado provided on-demand, accessible transportation services to Lyft passengers who were over the age of 65, were living with disabilities or required the use of mobility devices. As a partner in the Go Centennial Access service, Via helped ensure full compliance with the transportation access and nondiscrimination requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Via’s drivers are specially trained in passenger assistance techniques for people living with mobility limitations who use wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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For a more comprehensive view of the Go Centennial pilot, please feel free to play the webinar and download our Final Report and‍‍‍ monthly reports by clicking on any of the images below.

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